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Mar 05, 2014

Fulcrum goes to BioWales

So we decided to exhibit at BioWales this year. Itâs a big decision for a small business as the costs of exhibiting at any conferences are generally prohibitively high but BioWales is one of the biggest events on the Life Sciences calendar and having attended as delegates previously we decided it was time to put our heads above the parapet and show the world what weâre doing â well the Welsh life sciences sector anyway!

Itâs not just the cost of the stand we had to consider when deciding to exhibit, itâs also the cost of printing literature, buying promotional goodies and of course the biggest commitment, time out of the office for the team. So itâs not for the faint-hearted and has to be carefully thought through for a small business. But weâve done the sums and the decision on this occasions was that itâs worth it and we expect to get a good return on our investment through new collaborations and forging new relationships. Besides, weâve got a secret weapon with some fantastic goodies for visitors to our stand! But as this blog goes out before we do, I wonât be saying what they are, people will have to come and see for themselves!

Here we are then, the day before the show; the excitement is buzzing and weâre all running round getting the last minute bits and pieces sorted. Keyboards are thumping, the printer is whirring, coffee is flowing and the tweets are building.

Will it be a success? Well, youâll have to wait for next instalment to find out! Or visit us on stand 8 if youâre going to the show.

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