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Apr 01, 2014

To exhibit or not to exhibit, that is the question....

I canât believe that almost a month has passed since we exhibited at BioWales. Was it a success for us? We believe it was; weâd calculated that one new piece of business from the event meant that it paid for itself and as we got more than that it delivered a profit too.

We also believe that the less quantifiable elements of exhibiting were equally successful in terms of renewing old contacts and boosting the prospect list with new contacts.

So as a marketing professionals would we recommend exhibiting as part of an integrated marketing plan? I guess we would with the caveat that some basic checks are made first; none of them ground-breaking or rocket science but worth reminding ourselves of:

  • Before you decide to exhibit, research the delegate profile and make sure it matches the profile of your target customers
  • Set objectives and make sure youâre clear on what you expect the return on investment to be
  • Have some clear targets for connecting with people such as how many enquiries and expected conversions; have a plan for how youâre going to achieve this, donât just hang around on the stand!
  • Brand awareness is a legitimate objective but the more you can quantify this the better â do some follow up to find out the real impact of being there
  • Make sure you cost everything out fully â donât forget things like the collateral and most of all the cost and impact of staff out of the office
  • Do a full debrief after the event and be clear on whether targets have been met
  • Delegates do like goodies! A bit cheesy but itâs always worth having something; we decided on Fulcrum cupcakes which did go down well â literally!

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