Congenital CMV Diagnostic Market Assessment

Congenital CMV Diagnostic Market Assessment

Client: A British University



Fulcrum compiled a market report based on secondary research for a university that had generated a novel diagnostic for congenital CMV for newborn screening. The study looked at the market need for a CMV test in the UK, Europe, and US, and the likelihood of adoption of the diagnostic.

The Problem

The client required data on CMV statistics in order to create a grant application that would encompass areas with which he was unfamiliar, such as pricing strategy, market need, route to market, and potential revenue.

The Solution

We carried out a secondary research project in line with the grant headings that produced data to underpin the argument for further development of the technology, a review of market sizes, and an exploration of possible licensing options.

The Outcome

The key outcome of this project was data that easily slotted in to a grant application document for further funding. This gave the researchers commercial justification to pursue the technology and seek commercial partners.