Wound Dressing Market Feasibility Study

Wound Dressing Market Feasibility Study

Client: Global Wound Care Company



Our client is a Global Healthcare company developing a new type of dressing for wounds that is to be launched in the UK. Fulcrum was engaged to assess previous research that had been done, and to carry out a full primary research analysis of the procurement process in the NHS with reference to the dressing, and to speak with patients about their opinions of the dressing.

The Problem

The client had invented a novel wound care product that had received mixed feedback from stakeholders. The client wanted an independent review of the existing research, and additional primary research with stakeholders � to include those involved with NHS procurement and formulary management, as well as primary research with patients, to assess the likelihood of adoption of the dressing.

The Solution

Fulcrum designed a research study and questionnaire that was conducted by us, in which we spoke to procurement professionals and nurses involved in NHS formulary development. To gain access to patients, Fulcrum engaged the services of two clinics that conducted the research with appropriate patient cohorts, providing us with the completed questionnaires and audio recordings of the anonymous interviewees.

The Outcome

Our research results highlighted significant barriers to entry to the UK market due to complicated categorisation of the formulary and changes in UK procurement trends. This feedback allowed the company to devote its development funds towards more commercially viable products before entering expensive clinical trials for the device.