Feasibility of Life Science Market Penetration

Feasibility of Life Science Market Penetration

Client: The client is the UK headquarters of a global engineering company.



Our client was looking to grow its workload in the life sciences industry by increasing the percentage of its clients that are based in the sector from approximately 40% to 60%. Fulcrum carried out a full market feasibility report to assess which market sub-segments would be of most value to target.

The Problem

The client wanted to increase levels of activity in the UK life sciences market and to make a targeted sales effort towards the most profitable and growing market sub-segments.

The Solution

We carried out a primary research-based project speaking with over 30 stakeholders from companies such as Waters, 3M, BD Biosciences and Baxter, as well as a range of competitors and SMEs to assess the best market sub-segments to pursue and to establish some early leads for the client. This primary research was augmented with secondary market data as to market trends and likely outcomes.

The Outcome

One year on from the project the company has successfully increased its life sciences business and Fulcrum is continuing to work with the client.

Key Stats

Life Science business of company increased by desired 20%