Our Approach


We enable you to realise the commercial potential of your idea by offering the right support at each stage of the journey to market. We are dynamic, forward thinking and thorough in our approach, allowing your project or business to progress swiftly and allowing you to be confident in your strategy.


Proof of Concept

Your idea works – but how do you know that it’s worth patenting? At this pre-revenue stage, we usually recommend a brief market assessment, the results of which will be an early indication of where your concept might fit into the market, your main competitors, and whether or not you should invest in costly patents.

IP Protection

Securing Intellectual Property is an expensive process for any business, so it’s important that you have the right support at this time. Fulcrum can help you with grant applications for funding, and will look to provide reports commissioned specifically around questions in a grant application. We can go through the process with you step-by-step and review the final application to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Early Stage Revenues

By now you have a defined product or service, and you’re seeking early-stage sales in order to create revenue – something that is often more easily said than done. We can help you in a number of ways by assisting in route-to-market planning, developing a clear and actionable plan and identifying prospects that help you to take those first steps towards generating early revenues.

Market Due Diligence

At this point, with IP protection in place (if appropriate), it is safe to talk about your concept more openly and so it’s the optimal time to undertake a market feasibility study. Our research will not only determine the key market segments and most likely revenue sources, but also help you shape the development of your concept towards a marketable and saleable endpoint. We identify barriers to entry into your market early on in order to side-step obstacles and make informed business decisions. This study involves primary research with relevant stakeholders to gain a true and current overview of the market and identify future trends early.

Revenue Growth

Your defined product has a clear route to market, and some sales have been achieved, however new strategies and activities are needed to grow both customer base and revenue. We work with a number of clients at this stage and several of our services come into play. Most commonly we provide an outsourced marketing effort for your business that allows you the expertise of our marketing team without the commitment of having to employ your own marketing personnel. We can also develop marketing communications strategies for in-house teams, or identify partners and prospects for follow-up sales that we can carry out if required.