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Oct 07, 2021

A new era for outsourced agencies.

According to ONREC, statistics show 42% of businesses in the UK are outsourcing their marketing departments right now... What is it that makes outsourced marketing the popular choice?

The pros outweigh the cons for outsourced marketing, with over a third of UK companies using outside agencies to enhance their marketing capabilities.

It is so easy for companies to find themselves in a rut with their marketing strategies, implementing the same tried and tested techniques they have been using for years. Whilst these techniques may have proven successful, there is nothing wrong with making changes for the better. Tunnel vision is a danger for companies as sometimes being too close to their work limits their outlook and potential. Outsourcing their marketing brings new insight and an opportunity to look at their company from a different perspective using an outside, third-party specialist.

Reducing overhead expenses for any company has become a necessity recently, with many businesses looking to reduce annual expenditure to cover reduced income experienced during the pandemic.
Companies who use more traditional methods of lead generation such as telesales may not require a full marketing team and turn to outsourced agencies to update their marketing resources every year without the financial impact of annual salaries. Hiring an outsourced marketing agency allows for the scope and growth of their companies through strategic marketing tactics without overspending on full-time salaries that require benefits, bonuses, and training. Outsourcing gives you the resources and the skillsets you need to succeed WITHOUT the hefty paycheck.

Sometimes we all have those days where we think we will NEVER see the end of our to-do lists. When deadlines are tight and your workloads seem full, it can be tempting to neglect or rush your marketing efforts. If you’re looking to launch a brand-new marketing strategy, time spent training staff could lead to missed opportunities in securing sales or leads. Hiring experienced marketers allows you to reassign internal resources to where you feel they will be most effective whilst leaving your marketing agency to implement new strategies saving you time and resources.

Whether you hire outsourced agencies to completely overhaul your marketing strategy or simply set up a well-structured communications plan that you can execute yourself, you can ensure your company will save time, money, and resources utilising the expertise of a marketing agency.

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