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Nov 04, 2021

Investing in Wales. Investing in Futures.

Novel Artificial Intelligence created in Wales to improve patient outcomes.

Welsh healthcare technology specialists Fulcrum Direct and Quasar Group have recently completed the Industrial Research (IR) phase of the AI innovation project, having previously finished a Technical and Commercial Feasibility (TCF) study. The grant was provided by the Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund under the SMART Cymru programme.

“Fulcrum Direct Ltd and Quasar Group Limited have benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government’s £63.4m SMARTCymru programme. Backed by £27m of EU funds, SMARTCymru is helping businesses in Wales develop new products, processes, and services by supporting increased investment in research, development, and innovation.” – Smart Cymru

Fulcrum Direct and Quasar Group are in the process of developing a software platform called AIRMED which is an AI/ML system using image analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and deep learning architecture to collect, unify, curate, and mine healthcare data to improve patient outcomes. The project is led by Jeremy Jones from Fulcrum Direct, and Dr Rafal Goralski from Quasar Group.

During the IR phase, we focused on 2 particular applications for our technology; one in Oncology, particularly breast cancer, and another in the unification, analysis and mining of patient records to give greater insights into the patient’s disease progression and prognosis.

For more information please contact us through our websites at Fulcrum Direct ( or Quasar Group (

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