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Dec 20, 2021

What Marketing Trends Can We Expect To See In 2022?

Whilst the end of 2021 provided the potential of regaining a sense of normality, gone are the days of slick suit meetings and big conference centres for the time being. The ongoing pandemic has brought a halt to in person events, allowing for digital marketing, virtual meetings, and videos to take centre stage. As 2022 is about to begin, the essence of marketing remains the same... How can you better analyse your data to develop a stronger relationship with your customers and clients?

So, what trends could we potentially see taking the forefront in digital marketing for 2022?

1) Email Marketing
Despite all the newest and shiniest marketing techniques that have come to light over the last decade, email marketing will continue to reign supreme when looking to increase reach and engagement. The use of dynamic and interactive content, as well as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will remain crucial for companies to reach a high volume of people with a targeted message. Whether you are creating an email campaign for B2C or B2B, it is an effective way to engage with your consumer using a direct line of communication whilst delivering a higher ROI than any other channel.

2) Video Marketing
We have already begun to see a huge increase in video marketing over the last 2 years, but why has it become so popular? People connect with people. With so much content consistently refreshing on any media platform, a typical audience member will spend 1-2 minutes engaging with a video. It is important to package all relative information into a short, concise video with the option to view a longer, more in-depth video if something has piqued their interest. With TikTok and Instagram reels gaining momentum over this last year, it is no wonder that this type of marketing is becoming the popular option for businesses.

3) Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has been a hot topic over the years and is a smart marketing tactic still at the forefront of any marketing trend! Influencers are masters of their platform and excel in the particular fields for which they are known. The biggest plus when using an influencer is that they already have an engaged audience who are interested in their opinions. You don’t need an influencer with millions of followers to reap the benefits of influencer marketing. If they are popular in a chosen industry and have a high engagement rate, they are a great source to drive and deliver traffic to your brand and website.

4) Corporate Social Responsibility
Companies and businesses nowadays are prioritizing social responsibility. Like that of video marketing, social responsibility adds a layer of human contact through the screen. The modern customer requires full transparency to invest in a product, service, or company. With so many topics and causes circulating the world in this current time, companies’ social responsibilities have become a key part of their marketing efforts. Businesses have begun to use their digital marketing strategies to focus on inclusive initiatives, promotions, and offerings whilst highlighting causes or missions they support. This creates a level of loyalty with consumers and is a great way to enhance your organic reach and retain the support of your customers.

5) SEO
Whilst SEO is not a new concept, we have seen an increase in companies utilising their SEO to collate search traffic information on both websites and social media platforms. The ability to analyse data, posts and organic searches has made a huge impression on companies who are looking to increase direct traffic to their website. Sites such as Google Analytics offer an insight into your website and allow companies to monitor statistics and make any necessary changes to increase those statistics. Many businesses are now hiring SEO managers to oversee everything from search insights to multimedia operations as SEO becomes more ingrained within modern day marketing strategies.

2022 is going to be a big year for digital marketing and communications. To find out more about Fulcrum and the services we offer email Charlotte for more information.

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