Market Feasibility of Neuro-Oncology Scan

Market Feasibility of Neuro-Oncology Scan

Client: A Russell Group University



Fulcrum carried out a market feasibility study for a medical software programme targeted at the neuro-oncology investigation market. Fulcrum conducted primary research with relevant clinicians from across the UK, Central Europe and USA. The research highlighted a number of insurmountable barriers to market entry and it was not recommended that commercialisation of the project was pursued.

The Problem

The researchers had developed software for an under-utilised scan in brain tumour investigation under the assumption that the poor levels of uptake were due to inappropriate software for analysis of the complicated data generated.

The Solution

Fulcrum carried out primary research with 30 clinicians including neuroradiologists, clinical oncologists, and KOLs specialising in brain tumour diagnosis from across the UK, Central Europe and the USA. We ascertained whether they would buy the software should it become available, and if its availability would encourage use of the scan.

The Outcome

These discussions showed that the reasons the scan was not favoured was more fundamental than a lack of software. These reasons included: a historically poor reputation of the scan; a limited and ill-defined range of indications for its use; and how complicated and time-consuming it is to set-up the machine. As the software would not impact upon these issues, we recommended that it was extremely unlikely that CE Marking would make a return on any investments to develop and then market the software. This allowed the researcher to allocate budget in a more effective manner.

First of all thank you for your report. The document is very valuable. I think that one thing is clear, it would be inappropriate to invest a large amount of money into refining the product with the intent of recouping that money by selling it for a large amount or in large volumes to clinical services.

Key Stats

30 clinicians interviewed from over 8 countries.