EU Lead Generation for US Spin Out Company

EU Lead Generation for US Spin Out Company

Client: A US university spin out



A US University spin out has developed a product to rival antibodies for molecular recognition in diagnostics and therapeutics. The company engaged Fulcrum to generate leads and sales in Europe for the new technology.

The Problem

The client has developed a new technology but has no mechanism by which to sell outside the United States.

The Solution

We were engaged to sell the products within the EU. We developed a long list of prospects and currently have seven deals under negotiation for the client of which the total net worth is over US$100,000. Work is ongoing and a pipeline of 250 prospects is being targeted for sales.

The Outcome

The client has deals in negotiation and a number of NDAs in place to facilitate further discussions.

Key Stats

In three months Fulcrum arranged over 25 teleconferences with quality prospects for the client, of which 21 have ongoing potential. A further 20 prospects are looking to enter discussions in the next two months.