Enable & Inform


Fulcrum offers services that enable research organisations to accelerate the commercialisation of their technology and cross ‘The Valley of Death’. Fulcrum’s approach to primary research allows prospective partners to be engaged in technology commercialisation and informs the technology development. This supplements the technology ‘push’ with a corresponding market ‘pull’.

Market Opportunity Assessment and Market Feasibility Studies

Underpinning any successful company is a sound knowledge of its markets. Fulcrum works with you to get the information you need to make the right decisions for your project or your business.

Using a combination of primary and secondary research, we evaluate your market and identify the best commercial opportunities for your technology or products, enabling you to gain an accurate understanding of the critical influences that can drive your business strategy.

Our extensive contact database means that we can easily identify and talk to the right people to gain an accurate view of the market and the competitive landscape, the market trends, and potential customers for your technology. We don’t rely on second hand information – we find out for ourselves.

Route to Market Planning

Commercialisation of technology needs a clear route to market strategy. Market entry point will have an impact on time to first revenues, delays due to regulatory challenges, availability of sufficient marketing budget for a successful launch, and could even result in project failure. We can advise on the best way of taking your idea to market with a thorough study of the supply chain using secondary and primary research in order to identify the best entry point and potential partners too.

Commercialisation is about far more than merely licensing or trying to take your product right through to the consumer. Understanding the route to market gives you so many more options to commercialise your technology.

Business and Marketing Strategy

Clear business objectives and marketing strategies are crucial for getting your business to the next level.

Our extensive experience of business and marketing planning will enable you to develop a clear direction for the successful growth of your company. We work with you to develop workable, practical marketing strategies and plans designed to achieve results; the segmentation and identification of profitable target markets; and last but not least, metrics so you can be sure that you are meeting your business and marketing objectives.

Partner and Prospect Identification

One of the biggest challenges facing all businesses is growing their prospects and partners.

One of our unique approaches is the transition from primary research into prospect development. Identifying research candidates informs the development of your technology and aligns the product to the needs of the market.

Primary research interviewees are ideal initial prospects to return to once the product is market ready. Using their input into your technology development at research stage increases the likelihood of their engagement at the business development and selling phases.

Marketing Communications

An integrated approach to marketing communications maximises the effectiveness of each campaign.

We will develop an integrated marketing communications plan and marketing campaigns that bring the most benefit to your organisation. We use a variety of channels and vehicles, including cost effective digital marketing as well as more traditional routes.

Through the cohesive branding and messages we develop with you, your products and services will stand out from the crowd. Our focus at all times is on helping you achieve your business objectives.

Using our own team and carefully selected partners, our services cover websites, social media, email campaigns, PR, advertising, marketing literature and marketing support for events.